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Adress: H-9021 Győr, Apor Vilmos püspök tere 3.

Founder club: RC Wien-Schönbrunn

Founder rotary member: Rudolf Koszegi, RC Wien-Schönbrunn

Partner clubs: RC Kingston (Canada), RC Győrújbarát

Meetings: on Thuesday at 18:00 in Hotel Konferencia, H-9021 Győr, Apor Vilmos püspök tere 3.





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Allianz Hungária Biztosító Zrt.
1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 52.
Telefonos ügyfélszolgálat: 06-40-421-421

Visimpex-Hungary Kft.,
9027 Győr, Kőrisfa u. 3.
Tel.: 96/511-770,
Fax: 96/511-777,
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Sopron Bank Burgenland Zrt.
9400 Sorpron, Kossuth Lajos u. 19
Tel.: 99/ 513-000

Goldschmidt Kft.
9400 Sopron, Ógabona tér 44-46.
Tel.: 99/ 523-990
Fax: 99/ 523-991
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Globál Építöipari Kft.
9026 Györ, Viza u. 5.
Tel.: 96/ 513-430
Fax: 96/ 513-439
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Generali-Prvoidencia Biztosító Zrt.
1066 Budapest, Teréz krt. 42-44.
Tel.: 1/301-7100
Fax: 1/269-3996
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Permament Projects
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Rotary Charity Ball

The carnival season traditionally starts with the Charity Ball of Rotary Club Győr. The ball provides a good opportunity for entertainment as well as for charity. Along with the usual programs interesting auctions make the ball even more colourful. The objects to come under the hammer are museum piece wines, signed shirts of star players of FC Liverpool and Levente Szuper ice hockey goalkeeper and copper engravings of Péter Kis graphic artist.

Venue: Hotel Konferencia, Győr

Time: January 9th 2010, 6.30 p.m.


Serving food to the homeless of town

In winter we traditionally serve hot food to homeless people in their shelter in the District of Győr called Island. Our member Péter Kis will coordinate the preparation of about a 150-portion bean goulash served with bread and tea for those in need.

Date of serving the food: February 16th 2010, 12.30 p.m.

Venue: Győr-Island, Homeless shelter


Rotary Football Gala

On June 13th 2010 we are organising the Rotary Football Gala on the football field of Gyirmót. Our main aim is to find and motivate those who love football and charity as well. 12-16 teams take part in this sports event, the income of which Rotary Club Győr Foundation will spend on a life-saving device for the police of Győr.


Wine spritzer days in Győr

The cultural event Wine spritzer days in Győr was initiated, launched and organised by Rotary Club Győr. Our club and this popular event is united just like the sparkling water becomes one with wine in a wine spritzer. The Wine spritzer days are part of Győr Summer and they include laying a wreath at the statue of Ányos Jedlik on Széchenyi Square as well as serving wine spritzer. The goal of this charity event is to sponsor the pronunciation competition of Kazinczy Ferenc High School called Nice Hungarian Speech.

Wine spitzer days are to be held between September 24th and October 1th 2010 in Győr on the renovated Széchenyi Square.


Charity concert

Rotary Club Győr Foundation organizes a charity pop concert in November 2010. In the past few years the concert of the band Republic held in University Sports Hall of Győr attracted several thousand people. Meanwhile we provided free tickets for 100 large families, handicapped people and for 900 students singing in the choir.

The goal of the event was to contribute to the costs of cross-border children heart surgery as a part of Rotary Gift of Life program as well as supporting the Rotary student exchange program.

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The inaugural meeting of Rotary Club Győr was held on April 10th 1932 in the small meeting room of Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The participants of the inaugural meeting were M.B. Gerbel from Vienna, the European High Representative of Rotary International (RI) and the representatives of Budapest and Pécs Rotary Clubs: Dr. Lóránt Hegedűs, gr. Albert Apponyi, Dr. Zoltán Sidó, Béla Fenyvesi and Tibor Zsolnay Mattyasowszky.

Besides the above mentioned participants the following prestigious persons took part in the meeting:

Dr László Nyáry, Head of Internal Medicine Department, who became the founding president,
Dr Géza Újlaky, lawyer, who was the Head of the Tourist Office,
Dr István Lugossy, forensic physician,
Dr Ernő Meixner, the Secretary General of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Győr,
Antal Winkler, grain merchant,
Dr Rezső Gálos, headmaster of Secondary Girl School of Commerce,
Sándor Jaross, Lord of the Bedchamber, Chairman of Savings Bank,
Ferenc Meixner, hotel owner.

The participants of the inaugural meeting accepted the draft of the statutes and decided on the annual meeting to be held in April. The weekly meetings were scheduled for 8 p.m. Wednesdays in Hotel Royal.

The officers were elected at the end of the inaugural meeting:

Dr László Nyáry, Head of Internal Medicine Department

László Neurihrer, retired colonel

Dr Ernő Meixner, Secretary General of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Győr

Major domus
Dr Rezső Gálos, headmaster of Secondary Girl School of Commerce, private university tutor

Lipót Salzer, merchant

Additional members of the leadership:

Sándor Jaross, Lord of the Bedchamber, Chairman of Savings Bank
Imre Farkas, technical town councillor


At the end of the meeting it was announced that the European High Representative will apply for the admission to the international organisation in the Chicago centre. According to the statutes a member loses his/her membership if his/her miss four consecutive meetings except when their excuse for such non-appearance is accepted by the leadership. A member loses his/her membership if his/her are not present at minimum 60 percent of the meetings and their absence is not approved by the leadership.

The following months were characterised by administration and finally the club was officially acknowledged on 29 July 1932. No documents are available about the charter ceremony.

The Presidents of Győr Rotary Club from the foundation until 1938:

1932-34 Dr László Nyáry founding president
1934/35 Lajos Jausz
1935/37 Rezso Gálos
1937/38 Aurél Kiss

Documents: letters, Freemasons in Hungary.

On December 16th 1937 the commissioner of police reported to the Mayor that the Club did not announce their meetings therefore they were thought to have ceased. The liquidation process started and on November 19th 1938 the President of the Club, Aurél Kiss notary, officially announced that the members had quitted, a general assembly could not be summoned, so the dissolution could not be stated. This fact was then reported to Dr Zoltán Koós, the Governor of Hungarian Rotary Clubs. Finally on May 31th 1939 the Mayor announced the termination of the Club. The liquidation of the assets ended on September 26th 1939.


The re-chartering of Rotary Club was initiated in 1992 by Dr Rudolf Kőszegi, member of Rotary Schönbrunn (Austria/Vienna) and started by Dr József Horváth, Pál Lackner, Henrik Grábics and Dr Géza Király. The re-chartering dates back to 1992, while the official charter ceremony was held on July 10th 1993 in Hotel Rába.

The Presidents of the Club following the re-chartering:

1992-1994 Dr. József Horváth
1994/95 Csaba Koren
1995/96 Dr. Géza Király
1996/97 Pál Lackner
1997/98 Gyula Szalay
1998/99 Péter Ráskai
1999/00 György Szabó
2000/01 Frigyes Régner
2001/02 Gábor Heim
2002/03 József Mészáros
2003/04 Péter Szabó
2004/05 Ákos Kalmár
2006/07 Gábor Kákonyi
2007/08 Dr. Gábor Varga
2008/09 László Székely
2009/10 László Dombi
2010/11 Dezső Kosár
2011/12 József Ignácz
2012/13 Imre Hurtik
2013/14 Dr. Zoltán Horváth
2014/15 László Fónai
2015/16 Tibor Németh

Since its re-chartering Rotary Club Győr has organised charity events not only in Győr but in its neighborhood as well. Additionally the Club pays attention to the development of acquaintances over the state borders and serving the Hungarian minority in the Carpathian Basin. Our Club has sent donations to Transylvania, Csángó regions, Subcarpathia and Felvidék.

The aim of the Club has always been to maintain a living relationship with its surroundings. The guests invited by us include several members of the parliament and local governments, leaders of factories, mayors, leaders of civil organisations.

RC Győr similarly to all Hungarian Rotary Clubs belonged to the 1910 district with its centre in Vienna. However on the international charter ceremony of June 29th and 30th 2007 in Budapest the independent Hungarian district was formed which was given the number of 1911 within the International Rotary. Imre Kovács was elected the first governor of the Hungarian district.

The Hungarian Rotary joined the Rotarian family with its 40 clubs and 1100 members.

 The first flag of Győr Rotary Club



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The first Rotary Club in Győr was founded in 1932 and operated until 1938. The present club was formed in 1991 and has been a full member of Rotary International since October 7th 1992.

Our club is best represented by the goals formulated in the statutes of our club:

Maintaining friendships and thus providing an opportunity to help.

Adopting high ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society.

Applying the ideal of service and help in each Rotarian's personal, business and community life.

The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

The mission of our Rotary Club is to serve the community above self.

We feel that our efforts are substantiated by the achievements of the last 15 years. Rotary Club is well-known in our town and is considered one of the most active civil organisations.

Therefore we kindly recommend our Club and its website to those interested.

Dr Horváth József

founding Chairman of Rotary Club Győr

2009. január 21. szerda, 15:55

Rotary Club Győr Foundation was established by Rotary Club Győr with the noble goal to meet its objects within a given legal framework. The foundation’s main responsibility is to accomplish the club’s own projects (primarily in Győr and its catchment area), but it also helps other foundations and other organisations in making cross-border projects come real.

Members of the board of trustees:

Gábor Szalai, Chairman (managing director of Copy Klinika Kft.)
Gábor Heim, secretary (managing director of Prodior Kft.)
István Szammer, member (managing director of Lapcom Kft.)
László Boros, member (manager of Volksbank Zrt. in Győr)
Attila Szalay, member (co-worker of Audi Hungaria Motor Kft.)

Projects sponsored by the foundation:

improving the living standards of the socially disadvantaged people
helping those suffering from persistent disease
sponsoring the talented children
supporting environmental projects

Our foundation focused on helping primary to organisations and found supporting handicapped people, exceptionally individuals es well.

Contact the foundation:

Rotary Club Győr Foundation
9086 Győr
Virág u. 2/A
e-mail: Ezt a címet a spamrobotok ellen védjük. Engedélyezze a Javascript használatát, hogy megtekinthesse.
Tax number: 18530502-2-08
Account number: 10700031-04953003-51100005

For supporters.

If you agree with our main objectives and have the opportunity to help, please support our foundation. Please fill in the Contribution Form and send it to us by mail or e-mail. After registering your data, we will contact you and discuss the possible forms of donations. A certificate will be issued about the payment, so please provide your name, address and tax number as well.

We are also thankful if you decide on donating 1% of your income tax to our foundation.


For those applying for a grant.

If you feel that the activity of your organisation or group can fall into the supporting focus of Rotary Club Győr Foundation, please fill in the Grant Request Form indicating the need for the requested grant and mail it to the address of the foundation.