Permament Projects

Rotary Charity Ball

The carnival season traditionally starts with the Charity Ball of Rotary Club Gy?r. The ball provides a good opportunity for entertainment as well as for charity. Along with the usual programs interesting auctions make the ball even more colourful. The objects to come under the hammer are museum piece wines, signed shirts of star players of FC Liverpool and Levente Szuper ice hockey goalkeeper and copper engravings of Pter Kis graphic artist.

Venue: Hotel Konferencia, Gy?r

Time: January 9th 2010, 6.30 p.m.

Serving food to the homeless of town

In winter we traditionally serve hot food to homeless people in their shelter in the District of Gy?r called Island. Our member Pter Kis will coordinate the preparation of about a 150-portion bean goulash served with bread and tea for those in need.

Date of serving the food: February 16th 2010, 12.30 p.m.

Venue: Gy?r-Island, Homeless shelter

Rotary Football Gala

On June 13th 2010 we are organising the Rotary Football Gala on the football field of Gyirmt. Our main aim is to find and motivate those who love football and charity as well. 12-16 teams take part in this sports event, the income of which Rotary Club Gy?r Foundation will spend on a life-saving device for the police of Gy?r.

Wine spritzer days in Gy?r

The cultural event Wine spritzer days in Gy?r was initiated, launched and organised by Rotary Club Gy?r. Our club and this popular event is united just like the sparkling water becomes one with wine in a wine spritzer. The Wine spritzer days are part of Gy?r Summer and they include laying a wreath at the statue of nyos Jedlik on Szchenyi Square as well as serving wine spritzer. The goal of this charity event is to sponsor the pronunciation competition of Kazinczy Ferenc High School called Nice Hungarian Speech.

Wine spitzer days are to be held between September 24th and October 1th 2010 in Gy?r on the renovated Szchenyi Square.

Charity concert

Rotary Club Gy?r Foundation organizes a charity pop concert in November 2010. In the past few years the concert of the band Republic held in University Sports Hall of Gy?r attracted several thousand people. Meanwhile we provided free tickets for 100 large families, handicapped people and for 900 students singing in the choir.

The goal of the event was to contribute to the costs of cross-border children heart surgery as a part of Rotary Gift of Life program as well as supporting the Rotary student exchange program.