Rotary Club Gy?r Foundation was established by Rotary Club Gy?r with the noble goal to meet its objects within a given legal framework. The foundations main responsibility is to accomplish the clubs own projects (primarily in Gy?r and its catchment area), but it also helps other foundations and other organisations in making cross-border projects come real.

Members of the board of trustees:

Gbor Szalai, Chairman (managing director of Copy Klinika Kft.)
Gbor Heim, secretary (managing director of Prodior Kft.)
Istvn Szammer, member (managing director of Lapcom Kft.)
Lszl Boros, member (manager of Volksbank Zrt. in Gy?r)
Attila Szalay, member (co-worker of Audi Hungaria Motor Kft.)

Projects sponsored by the foundation:

improving the living standards of the socially disadvantaged people
helping those suffering from persistent disease
sponsoring the talented children
supporting environmental projects

Our foundation focused on helping primary to organisations and found supporting handicapped people, exceptionally individuals es well.

Contact the foundation:

Rotary Club Gy?r Foundation
9086 Gy?r
Virg u. 2/A
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Tax number: 18530502-2-08
Account number: 10700031-04953003-51100005

For supporters.

If you agree with our main objectives and have the opportunity to help, please support our foundation. Please fill in the Contribution Form and send it to us by mail or e-mail. After registering your data, we will contact you and discuss the possible forms of donations. A certificate will be issued about the payment, so please provide your name, address and tax number as well.

We are also thankful if you decide on donating 1% of your income tax to our foundation.

For those applying for a grant.

If you feel that the activity of your organisation or group can fall into the supporting focus of Rotary Club Gy?r Foundation, please fill in the Grant Request Form indicating the need for the requested grant and mail it to the address of the foundation.